I was born and raised in a tiny village along the Mosel river, Germany.  At a very young age my bike took me all over Germany, France, the Netherlands  and up to Sweden. 

After thirteen years of school, I spent one year in Africa traveling with two of my classmates and my brother.  My dad had given me a camera and some film, encouraging  me to capture whatever attracted my eyes.  This was the moment that fanned the flames of my future photographic career.

At Munich university I studied physical education and geography. During that time two classmates and I wrote a book about freestyle skiing. My friends were  the demonstrators and I was the photographer. This early success was the kick start for my career – suddenly I had a name as a ski photographer.

The next big step came when I received a call from Philip Morris Germany to cover the so called “Marlboro Adventure”. This fortunate offer took me to the US for the next 11 years in a row.  Most of my reputation as an action and people photographer goes back to this job.

For many years I`ve been photographing action and people for advertising and sportswear catalogues.  No matter if it´s in the heat of the desert, in the fresh air of the mountains or in the icy tundra of Greenland.  All climates are my friends.